Therapy Services 

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy fosters a child's occupations through play, improving their success in everyday activities that require attention, motor coordination, fine motor skills, sensory processing, visual perceptual skills and strength, such as required for cutting with scissors and handwriting.

Ongoing delays may cause children to miss opportunities for achieving critical functional developmental skills. Missing key skills may later emerge as difficulties in the school years. Occupational therapy maximizes your child's performance through sensory-motor play-based intervention, resulting in skill mastery and success in areas such as play, motor skills, coordination, behavioral control, feeding, handwriting and independence in daily routines.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy helps improve your child's ability to communicate using speech and language skills.

Feeding Therapy

Occupational therapists identify children with sensory sensitivity and/or sensory discrimination issues which directly impact a child's ability to eat a regular diet. Feeding aversion is treated using a holistic approach and is strongly based in sensory integration theory and neuroplasticity of learning. A play based approach based on trust has seen many graduates from our program. We do believe that a team approach is best and the parent is all encompassing in this process. 

Baby Therapy

Occupational therapy helps your baby learn skills that are important for self-regulation, alertness, exploring by touch and movement, and learning to crawl, stand, walk and play. Babies who present with muscle weakness, torticollis, delayed acquisition of motor milestones and feeding concerns are treated without crying and with strong parent support and education.