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Your baby may benefit from occupational therapy services if they demonstrate any of the following: 

  • has difficulty with head control

  • turns head predominantly to one side (torticollis)

  • seems floppy or seems too stiff

  • does not enjoy tummy time

  • is slow to sit, crawl or stand

  • hand(s) fisted after 3 months

  • has difficulty sucking or swallowing

  • not transitioning to solid foods easily

  • fussy, irritable, unable to self-calm after 3 months

  • asymmetrical use of arms or legs


Did you know we treat babies with torticollis at Little Wonders?


Torticollis is a tightening of the neck muscle that makes it difficult for the baby to look to the side. Babies develop a preference for looking to one side. while avoiding the other. Due to this positioning of the baby’s head to only one side while they sleep, the first sign of torticollis is often a flattening of the skull on one side.


Torticollis limits a baby’s ability to turn her head to see, hear, and interact freely with her world and those around her. If untreated, babies with torticollis are at risk for developing postural asymmetry, delay in motor milestones, eye and hand preference, and can suffer from secondary orthopedic problems. 


While torticollis is a serious condition, it can be easily treated with occupational therapy to restore full neck movement in order to prevent postural and bone changes, asymmetrical motor development, and possible avoidance of one side of the body. Your baby will love therapy and achieve all important milestones with ease. 


Common signs of torticollis:


-turning head to one side 

-difficulty feeding to one side

-works hard to turn towards you on affected side

-difficulty following you with head movement 

- facial asymmetry

-preference for one hand more than the other 

-flat spot on head 

-small knot in the tight muscle of the neck

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